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 LGBT - The true face of LGBT

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PostSubject: LGBT - The true face of LGBT   Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:55 am

The true face of LGBT

Domestic violence +300% (Most lesbian relationships are violent)
Drug use +700% (LGBT culture = drug culture)
Promiscuity +700% (28% of LGBT men have 1,000+ partners, 43% have 500+, 83% have 100+, while non-LGBT have less than 10)
AIDS +6,000% (20% of LGBT have AIDS)
STD +10,000% (A reflection of sexual corruption, including beastiality, and the threat it poses to populations through the spread of diseases)
Convicted pedophiles +600% (85% of convicted pedophiles are LGBT, while an unknown number make up the remaining 15%)
Privately confessed to pedophilia in surveys... 75% yes, 25% no (LGBT is by intention and definition, the vandalism and corruption of sexuality in the most morally obscene and deliberately offensive ways possible)

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LGBT - The true face of LGBT
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